Metaldecor commits to protect your personal information. This document will help you understand which data could be gathered and how we will use it.

What are Cookies and how do we use them

A cookie is a small file sent by the web server to your computer, or mobile device, that can be recovered or read only by that same web server.

t contains anonymous information and allows the website to remember some data.

Why do we use Cookies

Metaldecor uses cookies in order to allow our systems to recognise your device and to offer you certain functionalities, including an improved experience browsing the website, and an easier access to those services that require authentication, as well as to learn which areas of the website have been visited.

The cookies that are being used in the website are persistent cookies (they remain stored, until expired, on the hard drive of the personal computer of the user/visitor) as well as session cookies (which are not stored persistently in the user's computer and are automatically removed once the browser session is terminated).

Metaldecor uses cookies for other purposes as well:

Different types of cookies


Navigation or session cookies: used for the sole purpose of carrying out a transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or necessary in order to provide a service explicitly requested by the user.

Analytics: if utilised directly by the website operator in order to gather data in an aggregated form on the number of users and on how they browse the website.

Functionality cookies: allow the user to browse according to a series of selected criteria (example: language) to improve the service.


In order to send advertisement in line with the user's preferences arisen during the navigation of the website, they generate a profiling of the user.

Hereunder a list of cookies used on this website:

Name of the cookie Purpose Type of cookie Lifetime Cookie's owner
__atuvc Social sharing Functional cookie 2 years
__atuvs Social sharing Functional cookie 1 day
_ga Analysis of the website's use by the users Analytical cookie 2 years
_gat Analysis of the website's use by the users Cookie analitico 1 day
cb-enabled Accepting the use of the cookie by the user Technical cookie 1 year
l User's language Technical cookie Session
uid Social following Functional cookie 2 years
uvc Social following Functional cookie 2 years
um Social following Functional cookie 2 years

How to control cookies

The "Guide" section of your browser should be able to help you with managing the cookies settings. If you desire not to receive cookies, it is possible to modify the settings on your browser in order to notify you when they are being sent. It is also possible to delete previously stored cookies at any given time, through your browser's settings. It is possible to choose to accept our website's cookies on the cookies dedicated settings page. We inform you that the main portion of our website works without cookies, but if you choose to disable them, you will loose some characteristics and functionality.

Do I have to accept cookies to visit the website?

Not necessarily. It is possible to disable cookies, including those used by our website, simply disabling the cookie function on your browser or by refusing to consent to the policy disclosure. However some parts of the website, as well as other web pages may not function correctly once such function is disabled. For example when accessing the secure area, the website will not be able to proceed without the authentication provided by the cookies.

Where can I find more information on cookies